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Telephone bill analyzer

Written in Sun Java 1.5 (using IBM Eclipse)

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Download current releases:
   Trauma 0.1.5gamma (German only! Uses decimal numbers instead of float/double)
   Trauma 0.1.4 (German only!)

System requirements:
   Java Runtime Environment (JRE 5.0)

TRAUMA is a tool to analyze telephone bills. Its purpose is to read the downloadable bills of the Deutsche Telekom (main German telecommunication provider) which are in SYLK table format and then create a couple of single bills according to dialed phone numbers or according to the source phone numbers (caller-IDs) of a German household with ISDN telephony.

So TRAUMA is intended for families or people living together in a shared flat with multiple phones or phone numbers but with only one ISDN contract.

TRAUMA shall also divide the monthly standing charges by the number of telephone users, so the output is a couple of single bills which fully sum up to the amount of the original bill.

   Have a look at the JavaDoc
   An example bill

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